We work hard, but we also (Democratic) Party hard.

10/24: It's the Final Countdown! (October 2018 Meeting)

From 6pm to 8pm, we will be phone banking for Yes on O and P, More Homes Less Homelessness in Berkeley, Measure AA: the Oakland Children's Initiative, and NO on Measure K in Alameda.

From 8pm to 9pm, our October panel will focus on the impacts of the criminal justice system on society both inside and outside the walls. We will hear from those that have been impacted and work to serve those that have fallen into this system from the perspective of social and education providers. A panelist will also be a captain of the Alameda County Sheriff's Office that is working on community policing to make the office accountable to the people they serve.

11/30: Unity Karaoke! (November 2018 Meeting)

We get it. The election has wiped you out. You need time off. We are only human. But, the political establishment wants you to let go just our hard fought election night victories. We are continuing the fight!

And what's a fight without karaoke?

We are taking the month off from our traditional programming to bring you UNITY KARAOKE - co-sponsored by East Bay Young Democrats, the East Bay Women's Political Alliance, and more Democratic clubs to be announced soon.

Let us know if you are interested in being a co-sponsor.

12/12: Towards a Progressive 2019 (Holiday Party & Board Elections)

All throughout the special elections, primaries, and the general election, you thought your duty as a voter was over after November 6, 2018.

Not quite!

On December 19, 2018, we have one final election. This time it is elect a new executive board for the East Bay Young Democrats. This group of young progressives will help guide us into and through 2019.

With the power of the general membership, this board will hold our newly inaugurated endorsed public officials' feet to the fire.

Along with new statewide constitutional officers being sworn-in, we need to keep track of what's happening from our state legislature to our city halls.

Also, the 2019 California Democrats State Convention will take place right in our backyard: San Francisco!

1/23/2019: the work goes on, the cause endures (January 2019 Meeting)

To paraphrase one progressive Democratic presidential candidate from 1980, for us, a months weeks ago, this election came to an end. For all those whose cares have been our concern, the work goes on, the cause endures, the hope still lives, and the dream shall never die.

More details to be released soon!