We work hard, but we also (Democratic) Party hard.


Our Next Meeting...

We're Taking Over: Young Democrats Running for Office - JULY 25, 7pm, location TBA soon!

It's clear that there is talk of a blue wave  coming.

What is just as exciting is a progressive wave is building right here in the East Bay. This movement is lead by us, young progressive Democrats running for public office.   

As the East Bay Young Democrats, not only do we have an opportunity to elect candidates who represent the issues of the young working class, but we can elect people who are us.   

We will be taking up endorsements in the race for Berkeley City Council, District 1, 4, 8, Berkeley Rent Stabilization Board, and Oakland City Council, District 4.   

These races have young progressive Democratic candidates running for office. 

Have questions for the candidates running in these races? Submit your questions here!

We have the opportunity to mobilize around the candidates who are us, members of our organization, who are living the issues that young people face living and working in the East Bay.  

We’re taking over. Join us! 


Working Groups!

JUNE 20 - DECEMBER 12, 7pm - 8:30pm: Policy & Political Affairs Working Group