The East Bay Young Democrats (EBYD) is the East Bay’s largest Democratic organization for young forward-thinking Democrats of all backgrounds. We are shaping the Democratic Party for the next generation and promoting the interests of young adults in local, state, and national politics.

Our Mission!

EBYD works to encourage young people in Alameda and Contra Costa counties to take an active role in their community through activism, policy, and politics. EBYD has always been an organization that is proudly inclusive and rigorously opposed to hate. 

To join or renew your membership to EBYD, please go to our page on ActBlue.  

We aim to contribute to the growth and influence of progressive ideals of the Democratic Party.

We strive to promote candidates, ballot measures, and policies that:

  • Advance economic, environmental, and social justice in all East Bay communities;
  • Help and empower young people and underrepresented residents afford to live and thrive in the Bay Area;
  • Ensure that the East Bay remains a vibrant, diverse, and welcoming community;
  • Continue the Bay Area’s leadership in environmental protection and accessible and affordable transit; and
  • Defend the civil and human rights and civil liberties of everyone in our community.

How is EBYD Run?

With feedback from the general membership, EBYD is governed by an executive board that is tasked with carrying out the business of the club pursuant to its bylaws.

The 2017 Executive Board consists of:

  • Sean Dugar, President
  • Xavier Johnson, Vice President of Membership
  • Amelia Lopez, Vice President of Fundraising
  • Vacant, Events Coordinator
  • Stefan Elgstrand, Secretary
  • Vacant, Controller
  • Nayeli Maxson, Political Director
  • Matthew Lewis, Parliamentarian
  • Philip James, Director of Communications
  • Igor Tregub, Immediate Past President
  • Kori Anderson, Northern Alameda County Representative 
  • Toni Gomez, Southern Alameda County Representative 
  • Jess Laird, West Contra Costa County Representative 

Join a Working Group!

We regularly seek input through our membership and encourage members interested in getting more involved to consider joining one of our Working Groups:

Policy Working Group

Chair: Political Director Nayeli Maxson,

The Policy Working Group acts as a resource to membership through proactive policy analysis, respectful deliberation, and member engagement on key/relevant policy issues. The Committee provides well-researched recommendations to inform membership with regard to organizational policy positions. The Working Group also leads efforts to advance organizational policy priorities.

Membership and Outreach Working Group

Chair: Vice President of Membership Xavier Johnson,

The Membership and Outreach Working Group has multiple responsibilities. Members of this committee will help to develop a membership outreach plan, welcome new members to the organization, develop and maintain databases and outreach information, and represent the organization at various events and activities. Each committee member will be responsible for a specific region with oversight and mentorship from the chair. This will be an intense opportunity to delve into the vast work of expanding our membership and building the organization’s impact throughout the East Bay.

Events Working Group

Chair: Vacant

The EBYD Events Working Group is tasked with planning our monthly themed meetings as well as quarterly membership events and fundraisers. Working Group Members will be able to assist with various phases of all EBYD events, from planning to execution. 

Does EBYD accept donations?

YES! EBYD accepts donations.  Please visit our donate page to make a donation and help us work to improve our community!

Does EBYD partner with other organizations?

YES! EBYD regularly partners with other political, civic, and community organizations to advance goals important to our membership. If you represent an organization interested in partnering with EBYD, please email and